Bordeaux, France

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Bordeaux is a big city with several surrounding smaller cities surrounding them. Current (2019) Ryanair offers several flights making is a great great affordable alternative.


Bordeaux City

When you research about wine in Bordeaux you often find recommendation of the Wine museum in the center. Apparently it has a great selection. Find it here:

Surrounding areas


This is an area close to St Emilion having fantastic wine. It is a bit more expensive.

St Emilion


The city is about 35 km from Bordeaux and have about 2000 citizens. It is a a medieval city in the south-west of France. The romans planted vineyards here in the 2nd century and of course, wine is key here. It is mostly famous for its red wine and has a focus on Merlot (60%) and Cabernet Franc (30%) but also have some Cabernet Sauvignon (around 10%).. It counts for about 6% of the total Boredeaux vineyard.

There are 4 estates at the highest grand cru level A being  Château Angélus (wiki)Château Ausone (no private visits at all so just drink it), Château Cheval Blancand Château Pavie. This means that the prices of these ones are high.. Chataue Angelus costs starting from 37€/bottle

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Carls private comments: Looks like Angelus proves a good time, however, I am suspicious that it might cost quite decent and be catered to tourist. Tradition is fantastic but I feel a bit of lack of authenticity when a modern day vineyard talk about the catholic history and they even have a old bell on their website. Perhaps it is just a respectful historic nod but again, perhaps not?

Wine map St Emilion:

This map comes from the following website (link):

This is one of the areas close to Bordeaux, about x minute drive. It is next to another famous wine region Pomerol. Our french wine expert friend mentioned that Pomerol was a bit dead while St Emlion have more life but it was a bit touristic.



Les Delices du Roy 4.5/5 (tripadvisor)

Duck! Foie gras! Oh yes, we are in France alright! Mains dishes are around 15-25€.

Le Bistrot Des Vignobles (fb)

Eating in the garden!? Of course! Duck looks spectacular.

Wine tips:

Maison Blance. This was one of my more a-aha experience of a wine, very different and fantastic.

Hotels and accommodation

We chose a stay at a vineyard as it would seem ideal to be 20 minutes walking to Sant Emilion center, very well priced for fri+saturday (95€, 2019).