Pinot blanc (grape variety)

Charateristics: White wine grape. Comes from a genetic mutation of pinot noir that will have all grapes being red except one that will produce white grapes. Adaptable to the style of the wine maker. inot Its characters include apple and almond, and sometimes a touch of smokiness, although – like Chardonnay – it is a palette for winemaker intervention, and flavors often depend on style.

Famous region: Alsace, East France.

Regional styles

In Alsace, Germany, Luxembourg, Italy, Hungary, Czech republic and slovakia this is a full body white. Most of it is found in Alsace in Eastern France that as Strasbourg as its capital.

Wines tried in our tastings:

Cuvee Rene Dopff Pinot blanc 2016, (Alsace).

Rich pinot blanc.Fruity, steely minerality and lots of acidity. 4 months on the lees. Amoras of white flowers, pear, peah and pineaple.. Flavores of necatine, citrus, honey, tasted almond and mineral notes.

Color: Light yellow with green ints. SOft floral nose, citruses and reen melon in taste. Acidity.

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