Pinot Gris and Pinot Prigio

Technically they should be the same grape. However, pinot grigio typically from Italy and pinot gris typically from France tends to be very different depending on the style. Again, it is definetly the same grape but the version from Alsace, France is usually sweet and have rich, spicy, tropical fruit aromas. The italian style tends to be low alochol, ligther, crisp with citrus flavours. This idea of style is portrayed is established outside of Europe so you migh find a pinot grigio from California which probably makes it much more likely to the Italian lighter style.

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Wines tasted in the tastings:

OBS this image is 2015 vintage while we tried 2016.

BK wines – Pinot gris from Adelaide hills, Australia 2016.

Low intervention wine making. Wild yeast.

Mentions: Apple, pear, nectarine. Honey, minerals, ginger. Spicy notes. Melon. Could be higher acidity. (Sweet).

Food pairing: Spicy food.

Dont usually go for off-dry but this is sensational.

Internet comments: Big hint of pears and apples. A little sweet.

Il Padrino – Pinot Grigio from Pavia, Northern Italy



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