Slovenia Wine Map

Long before the Romans started making wines in Spain, France and Germany, the Celts and Illyrians put down the roots for Slovenia’s rich viticulture heritage, cultivating and crafting wines in the early 4th century BC. Today the region is one of the major wine producers in Europe. With beautiful agricultural landscapes, from the coastal region by the Adriatic Sea to the Alps in the North, Slovenia offers a wide variety of micro climates with a mineral-rich soil. The three main wine-growing regions are : Podravje in the East, where half the country’s wine, including some very elegant varietal white wines, are produced. Primorska in the West, where some very exciting new dry, rich and complex wines are gaining fame. Posavje, just South of the center, is the smallest region where the famous Cviček is produced, and the red Sentlovrenka and Modra Frankinja grapes are grown. 
The younger generation of wine makers in the Primorska region is starting to produce some organic wines and the old local orange wine is rising new levels of hipster trendy across the country.
Slovenia remains refreshingly unexplored when it comes to tourism and the delicious white wines, rolling hills, small family-run vineyards, delicious local food, rural villages and warm hospitality makes Slovenia the perfect destination for any wine lover.
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