The oak challenge

Welcome to a wine tasting event with a different style tonight 
– the Oak challenge- 4 wines total, max 15 people. If the event gets full 5 days before, we will expand to max 28 people.

To better describe the event, this is the first time we are mixing white and reds in a slightly different format than normal in terms of 2 pairs.

First: White stainless steel tank vs american oak
Second pair (red): Stainless steel tank vs french oak.

Even though the wines might be of different grapes/countries you will have to guess which one has oak or not!

25% of the profit of this event goes to charity Sickle cell society, the intention is to repeat this event once or twice per month. This time we try something different with having 4 wines that has been stored differently in french, american oak.

Please read all of the text before signing up, including the end!
Part 1 – Blind tasting – Total 20 minutes
First do the testing of the wines blind with a small sample (20 ml) and take notes on the body, fruit, tastes and smell as well as color to make a guess what kind of wine it is. You will have pen and paper and a tasting sheet to write down your notes on the 4 wines.
Each wine have 5 minutes in this phase so dont drink too quickly !

Part 2 – Re-tasting with more information – Total 40 minutes
Another 30 ml sample will be served. Then after that the info will be presented of each wine with a basic introduction to the grape variety and country and then for those whom wish to read more there is more info printed for those who wish to revise their notes. We let each wine have 10 minutes.

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Part 3 -Wine socialization
Now we finish up the rest of the wines and socialize!

• What to bring
A good mood!

• Important to know
The only way to 100% guarantee a seat is to pay your seat on eventbrite via the following link.

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