Wine tasting recap: Worldwide whites

Last evening we tried 4 wines and this is a small recap on the wines, the prices and where you can get them.

  1. Sauvignon blanc from New Zealand. Castaway Island Marlborough. 9 pounds from Majestic wines.
  2. Pinot gris from Australia. BK Wines ‘Ovum’ Pinot Gris, Adelaide Hills
    2016. 16 pounds from Swig.
  3. Pinot blanc. Kuhlmann-Platz Pinot Blanc 2017 Cave de Hunawihr. 12 pounds from Majestic wines.
  4. Tokaj (not sweet) Tokaji Furmint-Hars Karadi-Berger 2015. 10 pounds from Swig wines

The winner was!? Kulhmann-Platz Pinot blanc that got about half the votes.

Image from: Majestic wine.

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