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The brain is a muscle and it needs exercise to be strong. The same is true for your memory. Funny fact: in average the human mind needs to repeat something 18 times to remember it. This is why work experience teaches you things better than studying it as it brings a lot of repetitions to your learning. This is where flash cards come helpful for integrating several small fragments into your brain.

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OBS: Some of our created wine flashcards are sorted into level of difficulty being 1, 2 and 3. The level 1 should be quite basic while the level 3 should have information that most wine nerds should not be able to answer!

WSET – There is a section with WSET Level 3 in the bottom.

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European Wine Flashcards (by country)

Italian Grape / Style. (Made by us)- What grapes constitutes a Chianti? What region is associated with the grape Aglianico? – Currently 21 questions

Italian Wine – Questions regarding the styles, production, regions, and laws of Italian wines – 109 Questions

Italian North/Central White Wine (made by us) – Which grape/s is used to make Gavi? Which DOCG has Vermentino as their main white grape? This flashcard set is made to accompany the North/Central Italian White Wine Map.

Trento Aldige Producers (74 questions) – (Level 3) If you want to be more specific about wine and wine makers in the north regino of Trentino-Alto Adige look no further

Big Spanish Wine – A big range of questions about Spanish Wines – Currently 274 questions

Spanish Wine and Geopgraphy Questions – Level 2 

Spanish Words/Items (32 questions) and their meaning/translation.  Example: Cava – Speciality in the Penedes-region, made with the traditional champagne method.  Cosecha – Year of the harvest or vintage.

Overall Questions About Spanish Wine – 62 questions. Ex: What are the minimum aging requirements for a Gran Reserva?

Spanish Wine Location and Their Typical Grapes – 8 questions. 

More detailed information about spanish wine – 65 questions. Example: What is Agraffe? (Metal clamp that seals the bottle of sparkling wine during the second fermentation.

More Spanish Wine – 21 questions.

Ribera del Duero, Rioja and Catalunya – 158 questions

Ribera del Duero DO Only

Ribera del Duero – 23 questions

Ribera del Duero – 9 questions

Rioja Only

Rioja – 51 questions


Portugese Wine – Questions regarding the production, styles, regions, and history of Portugese wine. – 34 Questions


Intro to Greek Wine – Mixed range of questions – 52 questions

Greek Food and Wine – 144 questions.

Greek Wine 1 – 43 questions

Greek Wine 2 – 32 questions

Greek Wine 3 – 38 questions

French Wine – Information snippets about St Emilion, Carbonic Maceration etc – 55 questions

French Wine Question – 81 questions

Austrian Wine – 46 questions


German Wine – Questions about the styles, regions, and laws of German Wine – 107 questions

New World Wine Regions

US Wine History – 32 questions

Worldwide questions

Worldwide questions of wine -What are the grapes of Bordeaux etc? 70 questions


WSET Level 3

Currently approx 380 questions specifically for WSET Level 3

WSET L3 – Spain (56 questions)

WSET L3 – Bordeaux (33 questions)

WSET L3 – South Africa (37 questons)

WSET L3 – Australia (35 questions)

WSET L3 – Vineyard (40 questions)

WSET L3 – Sparkling Wine (48 questions)

WSET L3 – Winemaking (44 questions)

WSET L3 – Burgundy (31 questions)

WSET L3 – Countries (50 questions)


Wine Chemistry Questions – What is diacetyl and how can you smell this (Sweet and buttery smell)?

Champagne and Sparkling Wine – 100 questions

Other Flashcards

Here is a set of WSET Level 3 questions in Brainscape with around 900 questions.

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