Wine Tasting, Colours and Tips

This page is dedicated to collect information, graphs and images on ways to taste wine. 

Wine Colours

Red wine tends to be dark red and white wine tends to be on the yellowish side. However, the nuances says a lot of which kind of grape it is and charts like the ones above might help you better explain which type of nuance you are currently looking at. This is especially true for non-native english speakers that might have an understanding of say “garnet” in their own language but might not instantly know what shade of red “garnet” symbolizes.

If you read about wine you will most likely read garnet, ruby, brick and other colours that honestly are quite subjective. What you will find if you google a little is that there are 100+ different wine colour charts and you will often find that what is “Ruby” on one graph is not “Ruby” on another. To simply we have thus selected 6 base colors in order to help you in your wine tastings, they are named A to F. This is a good base.

Ways to taste wine

WSET grid – Standardized system

When you first start to taste wine many people often feel a bit intimidated and have a hard time to describe it. It taste like….. red wine? Maybe you try the wine and you mention that it smells like your ex-boyfriends perfume. How would I know how your ex-boyfriend smell like? In order to be able to describe wine it is more useful to dissect it into a system where other people can relate. This is where the WSET grid comes in. It actually have several levels for different levels of tasting. It is also made to cover all types of wine (red, white, rose, sparkling etc).

Graphics belong to WSET.
Graphics belong to WSET.

Wset Level 2 (link)

Graphics belong to WSET.
Graphics belong to WSET.



WSET Levek 3 (pdfs).

Our simplified sheet for 4 tasting – Please feel free to print out


Printable Tasting Sheets (A4)

If you are looking to a wine tasting sheet to take notes to your blind tasting feel free to download and print these ones out. It is done in A4 so it is easy to print.

Wine Tasting Notes V4 (PDF)

This is the printout we use for the live wine tastings. Its intention is to be kept quite basic but covering the important bits.