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The purpose of this page is to find the back wine in a certain category. Awhile back we started voting in wine tastings for the favorite wines in a blind tasting. This is an attempt to collect the winners here in a list. The idea is that the list will grow and grow and serve as a guide for good wines to try. Normally the format is 4 wines so the winning wine was a best of 4! Below you will find links to past events and the winners of those events. This list will keep on growing for each event. In order to learn more about each wine region there are links in the caption for each winner linking you to our relevant post about that specific wine.   
IGP Pellas – “Xi-Ro”. Xinomavro/Roditis blend. Old oak barels for 10-12 months. – Winner of the “unusual wine countries” wine tasting held in Kings Cross. Read more about Greek Wine Here.


Winner of an italian red wine tasting (best of 4). Read more about Italian Red Wine here.

Italian Reds (22/02/2020)

Terraviva – Trebbiano d’Abruzzo. Click here to read more about Italian White Wines.

White wine – Lighter Italians

La Cacinara, Mun (Marché) – Winner of the rose wine tasting

Rose wine tasting 01/06/2020

Worldwhite Whites -this Kulhmann-Platz Pinot blanc won the votes for the best white wine in the tasting of 4 wines total oven a Sauvignon Blanc, Tokaj and Pinot Gris. Link to the tasting



Other Great Wine

All wines from above have been voted the best in the wine tastings hosted while we can certainly recommend a great deal of wines.
Maison Blanche is a fabolous flavoursome cabernet franc from Montagne, St Emilion. Price: Around 30£.

Best Italian Red

This Sassiolo Rosso Piceno 2014 – Monte Schiavo won the blindtasting but it was a close race. Read more about the wine tasting here.

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We had a wine tasting with red wines from unusual wine countries that might have a lot of history but often does not get as much attention as say French or Italian wines. In this case we tried Greek, Romainian, Chinese and Slovenian wine.